The Brawl™ Rules and Regulations

Here’s how The Brawl™ works…

  • Teams are made up of 3 players
  • A match is 1 game to 21, win by 2
  • Teleportation IS permitted
  • All ping pong serves are legal (ball hits your paddle, your side of the table, your opponent’s side, and is in play)
  • One player from each team starts the game
  • The first team to serve is decided by a coin flip
  • The loser of a given point comes off the table and is replaced by the next player on his/her team
  • The team order must remain the same throughout the match
  • The new player on the table always serves
  • A player cannot stay on the table for more than 1 consecutive rotations of the opposing players (cannot play each opponent more than once in a row)
  • Once per game, each TEAM can use a 2-point ball (whoever wins the point receives 2 points—this does not affect the rotation)
  • Most importantly, trash talking, yelling and conversations during play are ENCOURAGED
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