Greg Smith (Goldman Sachs) Update 1

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We’re trying to find out as much as possible about Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs employee who resigned very publicly with a New York Times OpEd in which he calls the firm “toxic” but lists winning a bronze medal in table tennis among his greatest achievements. If you have any info about him, his ping pong game, or the bronze medal send us an email at, give us a call at (646) 481-8861, or find us on facebook or twitter (@ttnation).

Update with complete coverage

Updated with info about Greg Smith’s play in the US

We received a tip a couple minutes ago that Greg Smith used to play table tennis at the New York Table Tennis Federation (NYTTF). NYTTF was a club in Chinatown that closed in November and was run by Robert Chen.

We just got off the phone with Robert Chen, the director of NYTTF, who CONFIRMED that Greg Smith used to play at the old NYTTF club (there is a new one opening soon). According to Chen, Greg Smith took some lessons at the club, knew what he was doing on the table, and was something of a club regular.

Our eyewitness, Marcus Allison (thank you Marcus) who first tipped us off said that Greg Smith was a decent player, about an 1800 “at best” using USATT rankings, which means he was capable of keeping up in matches, but way below any seriously competitive ability.

Thanks to Marcus Allison and Robert Chen with their help with this update. If anyone has more info about Greg Smith, get in touch with us ASAP.

Updated with info about Greg Smith’s play in the US

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