Table Tennis Conference Table

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Christmas and New Years are over. Everyone is back at work and you already heard about their New Year’s party. Work usually sucks, unless your office has something fun.
Every internet startup and aspiring Mark Zuckerberg makes sure the first thing to put in their first offices after the internet is a ping pong table.
Sometimes these tables remain for years and become a central part of the office’s dynamic, other times they get folded up and put in corners, lost during moves, or replaced by more desks.
Other companies given the need for a conference table will just put chairs around their ping pong table and pretend.
Now comes a way to ensure you won’t be getting rid of your ping pong table and you also won’t have to make a “Sophie’s Choice” decision between business and party: Hong Kong Procurements’ ping pong conference table.
The regulation table is made of beautiful stained wood and means the conference room can become the game room at a moment’s notice: this is the mullet of office furniture (business in the front, party in the back).
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