Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber are Ping Pong Partners

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Justin Bieber, the well known Canadian teen singer/international table tennis superstar, has a new table tennis buddy: Cody Simpson.

Cody Simpson is Australia’s Bieber. He may even be popular in the US. While some in the entertainment industry have tried to pit them against each other (welcome to Biggie vs. Tupac for the middle school set) the two are actually friends. And what do two international teen superstars do when they hang out? Play ping pong.

In an interview with Hollywire, Simpson reported that he and Biebs ping ponged the night away while working on their first collaboration which is coming soon. Hopefully we’ll get video of their table tennis along with the album.

Check out Cody Simpson’s video iYiYi with FloRida.

Via Hollywire

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