Nude Ping Pong on HBO’s “Girls”

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I’m going to say something unpopular: I’m not a big fan of the HBO show “Girls.” Sorry, I’m not sorry. That said, we want to cover everything that has ping pong, especially TV shows. The episode of Girls, “One Man’s Trash” Hannah played by Lena Dunham goes away with the character Joshua, who she meets in a coffee shop. They spend most of their weekend fooling around (Happy Valentines Day!) and playing ping pong naked–Lena Dunham spends most of the series topless, so it was only a matter of time before she played ping pong naked.

“One Man’s Trash” ends with Hannah passing out in a sauna because of the steam, then having an emotional breakdown (you can imagine why we don’t love this show). Anyway, the episode can be seen on HBO right now, but we have some heavily edited stills of Hannah and Joshua playing ping pong (no nudity in our versions). Today’s editing is brought to you by PaddleYou where you can design your own ping pong paddle/censor (paddles feature the stars of Girls).


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