Stay in Shape Like the Celebs this Holiday Season

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The best things about Thanksgiving through New Years are the food and drink. As we now enter this gastronomically exciting time of year, keep off the holiday pounds like the celebrities, with ping pong (were you expecting something different.

The Sun–who we are guessing will not be celebrating Thanksgiving–reported this week that more and more celebrities are turning to ping pong to keep in shape, they note singer Jennifer Lopez and Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson as well as the ping pong propagandist Susan Sarandon.

You can easily burn between 200 and 400 calories from playing table tennis. And it’s fun.

After the turkey, if you can stay awake, grab some cousins you haven’t seen in a year, your grandma, your brother’s girlfriend and that creepy uncle and have yourself a Thanksgiving Brawl.

Via The Sun

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