$14,000 Ping Pong Table Made out of Railroad Parts

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A railroad is a thing of beauty. Steel and wood. In the US, our railroads get a bad rap for being out of date, but if railroads falling apart leads to beautiful ping pong tables like this one from Railyard Studios, then it might not be the end of the world…

railroad table tennis

railroad ping pong table

The steel rails under the table’s play surface were actually manufactured back in 1904, over 110 years ago, but will now spend their retirement supporting quite a bit less weight than a locomotive chugging by.

Even the table’s wooden legs, made from oak and hickory timbers, were destined for use on a railway but were salvaged before being coated with creosote so they still have a lovely natural woodgrain finish.

So if you’ve ever wanted New York’s Highline Park in ping pong form in your living room, you can have this for…$13,995?!?! Hold on, are we trying to rebuild all the railroads in America by selling these tables? Yes, this table is gorgeous, one of the coolest we’ve ever seen, but holy PING PONG, Batman.

That said, we have to commend them for including shipping, unlike some other very expensive tables we’ve seen. And no, this one is not the most expensive ever.

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