Host a Brawl™ Event

When you host a Table Tennis Nation event, you are guaranteeing an unforgettable night of fun, exciting competition. It’s the ultimate blend of sport meets social – a game everyone can have fun playing and have a shot at winning, making it a easily marketable night for your bar or club.

We do 99% of the backend work…

  • Bring the paddles
  • Organize the games
  • Manage the brackets

You do a little and get a lot…

  • Ask patrons to supply their email addresses on a sheet of paper
  • Take down the names of which teams come in first and second place
  • Send us both pieces of information
  • That’s it!

You keep all the drink sales and you get can get paid for joining Table Tennis Nation as a partner, like our first partner SPiN in New York City.

Table Tennis Nation allows you to host a fun, outside-the-box night of social competition that’s unlike any other bar in your area. Your customers will be talking about it for weeks; we guarantee it.

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