Harry Potter Ping Pong Week: Part III

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Alright Potter people, your week is finally here. The movie premiered in NY Monday night, so we here at Table Tennis Nation are having Harry Potter Ping Pong Week. We gave you a preview a little while back with the Daniel Radcliffe table tennis story, but you’d be crazy to think that’s all we have. Stay tuned all week for awesome, weird, and magical (see what we did there?) Harry Potter Ping Pong stuff.

By: Rene the Intern

Yesterday we told you about Emma Watson’s ping pong dominance on the set of the Half Blood Prince, but did you really think that was the end of the story?

While Emma, Dan and Rupert may be great friends off the set, once they hit the table, it’s an entirely different story. Our evidence? This video interview before the release of the sixth movie with Radcliffe was completely your average press interview until Meredith Viera brought up table tennis. Radcliffe gets quite passionate around 2 minutes into the interview. Stay tuned the rest of the week to learn more about how competitive with 2 more films under their belts and the final installment coming Friday.

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