Harry Potter Ping Pong Week: Part IV

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Alright Potter people, your week is finally here. The movie premiered in NY on Monday night, so we here at Table Tennis Nation are having Harry Potter Ping Pong Week. We gave you a preview a little while back with the Daniel Radcliffe table tennis story, but you’d be crazy to think that’s all we have. Stay tuned all week for awesome, weird, and magical (see what we did there?) Harry Potter Ping Pong stuff.

The final Harry Potter movie is coming tonight and plenty of people are throwing Harry Potter themed parties to celebrate. If you’re a true Potter-head you probably wish you could be playing Quidditch, but we may have the next best thing: GOLDEN SNITCH PONG.

(We understand that quidditch isn’t in the final book, but let’s be real, who doesn’t want to play).

No, you won’t be flying (we’re still working out the kinks) but you will be quidditching it up. Here’s how it works: get a gold ping pong ball (or paint one gold), get 2 teams of 7 players (3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 keeper and 1 seeker, duh).

The chasers, beaters and keeper on each team should form 3 pairings per team, then you play a doubles Brawl (2 players on each side of the table at a given time, rotate which player hit shots, pairings rotate off when you lose a point).

In Golden Snitch Pong each team gets five golden snitch balls worth 2 point each. When either team calls for a golden snitch point the seekers come in and play a singles point, winner gets 2 points, and you MUST use the golden snitch ball for these points. Remember only seekers can touch the golden snitch, and therefore the only ones who can play golden snitch points.

Few other quick rules:

  • Play games to 21, best 2 out of 3 (unlike wizards, we had to limit the length a little)
  • Each team has one timeout per game
  • No substituting players
  • Contact is optional but needs to be decided on beforehand (we’ll leave this to you guys tio figure out)

The final rule, and we cannot stress this enough, NO MAGIC. Seriously, that’s the rule. Don’t question it.

Inspired by eHow and Wikipedia

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