Harry Potter Ping Pong Week: Part V

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Alright Potter people, your week is finally here. The movie premiered in NY on Monday night, so we here at Table Tennis Nation are having Harry Potter Ping Pong Week. We gave you a preview a little while back with the Daniel Radcliffe table tennis story, but you’d be crazy to think that’s all we have. Stay tuned all week for awesome, weird, and magical (see what we did there?) Harry Potter Ping Pong stuff.

Being great at table tennis isn’t easy. While good players make the sport look easy, it can be tough to do exactly what you want with the ball.

Harry and the others at Hogwarts wouldn’t have to worry about this though, they could just cast a spell and make the ball do exactly what they want. But what if YOU could control the ping pong ball with your mind?

It may not be that far off.

Mattel’s Mindflex lets you use your mind to control a ping pong ball. The Table Tennis Nation engineers are hard at work building a full table where you can do this [Ed. note: no we’re not], but until it comes out, you better start practicing.

Because even wizards need to learn how to use their powers.


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