Harry Potter Ping Pong Week: Part VI

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Alright Potter people, your week is finally here. The movie premiered in NY on Monday night, so we here at Table Tennis Nation are having Harry Potter Ping Pong Week. We gave you a preview a little while back with the Daniel Radcliffe table tennis story, but you’d be crazy to think that’s all we have. Stay tuned all week for awesome, weird, and magical (see what we did there?) Harry Potter Ping Pong stuff.

By: Gamy the Intern

We here at Table Tennis Nation have done our best to fill in the blanks in history. We looked into the truth behind Thanksgiving and the Revolutionary War, but today we have a real bombshell that we’ve been keeping int the TTN Vault until today.

J.K Rowling may have written the 7 Harry Potter books, and watched it blow up as one of the biggest franchises in recent history. At Table Tennis Nation, however, we uncovered a secret chapter of a handwritten manuscript (read: napkin) Rowling thought she destroyed. While we cannot reveal our sources, we can say they are reliable. Hold onto your brooms folks, Harry Potter was supposed to be using paddles instead of wands.

The original napkin indicate that ping pong paddles were designed to enclose different magical properties that would allow the user to cast spells while playing ping pong at the same time–quidditch wasn’t even on Harry’s radar at first.

We’ll be honest, the napkin is not in great shape and we had to fill in some blanks, but it sounds like Rowling was planning a Brawl for Harry, Ron and Hermoine.

“Harry, are you sure we’re ready?”

“Ron, we can’t turn back, the fate of the ping pong wizards depend on our bravery and skill! We can show those Deatheaters what we’re made of!” says Harry.

“He’s right, we can do this,” affirmed Hermione.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were about to face their biggest challenge yet, a Table Tennis Wizard Brawl against Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy.

Harry takes the lead and hits the ball off with Lestrange, and loses the point as he over serves the ball! 0-1 so far, and Ron avenges with a loud Descendo and forces the ball to bounce off the corner of Lestrange’s side of the table. Angry and frustrated, Voldemort takes over and wins two more points beating Ron and Hermione. 0-3, Harry steps up and uses Expulso on the ball as it hits Voldemort’s paddle. Draco and Bellatrix lose as well, making the game 3-3. Voldemort takes over and…

J.K. Rowling must be a coffee drinker because a stain has destroyed the rest of her notes. We can only hope a ping pong scene makes the deleted scenes on one of the Collector’s DVDs we’re sure to see a barrage of a few months from now.

Since we don’t have the rest of the story, maybe you can help us find the answer. Head to facebook and twitter and let us know how you think the story ends.

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