Best of 2014: Ping Pong Commercial of the Year

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What was the coolest, most interesting, and most talked about in the ping pong world during 2014? We’ve got you covered with the Best of 2014 featuring everything you need to know from the year in table tennis. Results are based on interactions on facebook and twitter and debates at Table Tennis Nation headquarters. Brought to you by PaddleYou’s game improving customizable ping pong paddles.

The Best Ping Pong Commercial of the Year is one of our favorite awards here at Table Tennis Nation. We love when brands use table tennis to show off new products and services and 2014 was a GIANT year for table tennis commercials (check out some past top commercials from 2012 and 2013).

9. Energizer: “Mr. Energizer
A battery playing table tennis? That’s a thing.

8. Miller: “Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Miller’s latest foray into ping pong commercials includes Pool Pong. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough ping pong to get this spot higher on the list.

7. Fitbit: “It’s All Fit
We love the song and we love that ping pong got double the time of everything else.

6. Motorola: “Choose Moto Hint
When there are a million things going on, you have to make sure you have time for table tennis. This is also just a really cool commercial.

5. Betfair: “This is Play
An Octopus playing on four tables is something we never thought we’d see (if it had been eight, this might have been the winner). This commercial gets extras points for being all about ping pong.

4. Snickers: “Godzilla
A commercial with only a moment of table tennis at number 3? When Godzilla plays ping pong yes. Every single time. Yes.

3. Cree: “Ping Pong
This commercial was so unexpected and memorable that it had to be high on the list.

2. True Religion: “Be So Bold
100% table tennis plot in a commercial that’s something totally different from what we’re used to seeing. This is probably your winner in almost any other year…

1. Bud Light: “Up For Whatever
When you 1) tease a commercial for weeks, 2) put Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wig, 3) feature table tennis during the Super Bowl, you are pretty much guaranteed our top slot. This is a Hall of Fame ping pong commercial.

Congrats to Bud Light for creating the Ping Pong Commercial of the Year!

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