Best of 2014: Ping Pong Playing Musicians of the Year

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What was the coolest, most interesting, and most talked about in the ping pong world during 2014? We’ve got you covered with the Best of 2014 featuring everything you need to know from the year in table tennis. Results are based on interactions on facebook and twitter and debates at Table Tennis Nation headquarters. Brought to you by PaddleYou’s game improving customizable ping pong paddles.

When you’re making music every day, there’s plenty of time to kill, and what better sport than table tennis to clear your mind and enjoy the rhythm of the sport. Past winners of our Ping Pong Playing Musician of the Year include Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, Prince, and One Direction.

All four of those acts had good table tennis years in 2014, but we have some newcomers who take the crown this year. This year, we decided to switch things up and are awarding a Best Male Musician and a Best Female Musician and both of them put the multi in multimedia with their love of ping pong…

Ping Pong Playing Male Musician of the Year: Armin Van Buuren
There are hard ways to win Table Tennis Nation awards and there are easy ways. The easiest way is to make a song called “Ping Pong” and match it with a crazy ping pong video. Take note runner-up Steve Aoki.

Ping Pong Playing Female Musician of the Year: Katy Perry
Katy Perry has been on our watchlist for a while given that she’s thrown ping pong parties and loves the sport, but we definitely took notice when Katy mentioned ping pong in her hit “This is How We Do” then spent half the video on a ping pong table and was a fan favorite in our Halloween Costume Guide. This was a good victory for Katy over Amelia Lily who did an interview while playing and Juicy M who invented a ping pong dance move.

katy perry ping pong

Congrats to Katy Perry and Armin Van Buuren and to all the aspiring musicians out there, get us more ping pong songs!

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