Best of 2014: Ping Pong Table of the Year

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What was the coolest, most interesting, and most talked about in the ping pong world during 2014? We’ve got you covered with the Best of 2014 featuring everything you need to know from the year in table tennis. Results are based on interactions on facebook and twitter and debates at Table Tennis Nation headquarters. Brought to you by PaddleYou’s game improving customizable ping pong paddles.

There aren’t a ton of things you need to play table tennis, but a table is usually one of them. In light of that, we want to take the opportunity to hand out some awards to the best new tables of the year. Who will join the incredible Slice table from a year ago? Read on…

Honorable Mention: The marble “Lithos” table by Toni Grilo isn’t designed for ping pong, but it would make such an amazing table that we had to mention it.

marble table tennis

3. Stiga Studio
Stiga’s newest high end table begged the question “Does anyone need a $15,000 speaker system that’s also a ping pong table?” and while the answer might be no, it is a cool concept, although not one that will be walking away with our top table honors.

stiga studio ping pong table

2. Ping Meets Pong
We’ve seen a few round tables and even a few moving tables, but never a round table with a spinning net. At $3,300 it’s no bargain, but it does double as a conference table so you can put that spinning action to more use.

spinning round ping pong table

1. Richard Hutten’s Ping Table
Richard Hutten’s Ping Table isn’t the first ping pong/conference table we’ve ever seen, but it is undeniably gorgeous. With built in drawers and a simple, clean finish, the Ping Table is the Best of 2014.

richard hutten conference ping pong table
richard hutten table tennis
richard hutten ping pong

Who knows what kind of amazing tables 2015 will bring us. Congrats to Richard Hutten on crafting 2014’s Table of the Year.

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