Best of 2014: Viral Ping Pong Moments

Posted on by TableTennisNation

What was the coolest, most interesting, and most talked about in the ping pong world during 2014? We’ve got you covered with the Best of 2014 featuring everything you need to know from the year in table tennis. Results are based on interactions on facebook and twitter and debates at Table Tennis Nation headquarters. Brought to you by PaddleYou’s game improving customizable ping pong paddles.

We’ve already taken a look at some of our Best Table Tennis Clips of 2014 and while some of those went viral, there’s another level of viral that we wanted to reward in 2014.

Going viral in table tennis can be the start of an illustrious table tennis career (just ask Ai Fukuhara and check out her incredible story) or give you years of internet fame (like if your match sounds like the theme song from Super Mario). Only time will tell if any of 2014’s Best Viral Moments will have lives that long…

5. Parkour Ping Pong
No one asked for parkour and ping pong to be combined, but no one complained once they were.

4. A Ping Pong Ball/Beer Bottle Party Trick
Parties usually have beer and ping pong balls so why not impress everyone with this amazing trick.

3. Mythbusters vs Supersonic Ping Pong
Mythbusters took a look at supersonic ping pong ball guns and created some serious firepower.

2. Craigslist ping pong negotiation
You don’t have to be a video to go viral. This negotiation for a ping pong table over text is pretty funny and spread like wildfire.

1. Soo Yeon Lee’s Playboy Shoot
The 2014 Sexiest Table Tennis Player of the Year in a Playboy shoot, playing table tennis. Our Most Popular Story of the year had a lot of appeal outside the table tennis community. Be careful where you are when you press play.

These were all awesome and viral for their own reasons and while we can’t find the viral clips of 2015 on our own…we’re sure they’ll find us.

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