Best of 2014: Woman of the Year

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The top honors in the world of ping pong are the Man and Woman of the Year. As part of our Best of 2014 Coverage, we’re proud to bring you the winners of this incredible award. Decisions are based on interactions on facebook and twitter and debates at Table Tennis Nation headquarters. Brought to you by PaddleYou’s game improving customizable ping pong paddles.

2014’s Table Tennis Nation Woman of the Year is Soo Yeon Lee. Soo Yeon was everywhere this year and continues to help drive table tennis into the spotlight as a consistent promoter of the sport and a crossover star.

To start 2014, Soo Yeon Lee appeared on CNN in a piece about the growing table tennis trend and seemed to try and live out the point of that story every day after that.

Next, she showed up on the Arsenio Hall show to put actor Michael Ealy in his place about how good he really was at table tennis.

Shortly after, Soo Yeon posted pictures from the Entourage movie set that led to the discovery of some of the big name guest stars of the upcoming film and that there might be ping pong in the movie.

Soo Yeon spread her wings away from actors and news shows when she was spotted playing table tennis at the Ultra Music Festival with superstar DJ Steve Aoki.

Finally, Soo Yeon really took the crown with the release of her incredibly sexy (and mostly clothed) table tennis shoot with Playboy that became the talk of the table tennis year.

Ping pong is growing like crazy and is solidifying its spot as the coolest sport in the world thanks to the efforts of people like Soo Yeon Lee who have helped make people think about table tennis when they’re not just staring at a table and who realize how fun the ping pong lifestyle can be.

Congratulations Soo Yeon Lee, the 2014 Table Tennis Nation Woman of the Year.

2013 Woman of the Year: Serena Williams
2012 Woman of the Year: Ariel Hsing
2011 Woman of the Year: Kaley Cuoco

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