New York Times and Men’s Journal Release Features About Marty Reisman, Celebrates Marty Reisman Day

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The New York Times and Men’s Journal both released articles about Table Tennis Nation President Marty Reisman today (Friday March 9). To celebrate, is celebrating Marty Reisman day.

The New York Times Article about Marty Reisman is called “A Throwback Player, With a Wardrobe to Match,” here’s how it starts:

Marty Reisman wears vintage Borsalino fedoras because no one makes a good hat anymore.

He is known to measure the height of table tennis nets with $100 bills because, sure, a $1 bill is just as long, but why be “chintzy” about it?

He likes the city’s trendy new Ping-Pong parlors just fine, particularly if some hot rapscallion has the gall to challenge him.

And of course, the Table Tennis Nation shoutout:

“The modern game is played with fraud, deceit and deception,” he said. “[The Table Tennis Nation] racket is the purest reflection of a player’s ability.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Marty has been featured in the New York Times, but the Times article is an awesome look at the man.

However, the star of the day is the Men’s Journal feature we mentioned the other day, simply titled “The Hustler.” Mark Adams spent days with Marty for the 6 page spread where you can really learn who Marty is, his past, his present and his future with some top notch photos that take everything to another level.

The Men’s Journal feature is available in the April edition of the magazine, which hit newsstands TODAY.

Stay tuned to today for behind the scenes info on the articles, exclusive pictures and videos and much more.

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