$14,000 Ping Pong Table Made out of Railroad Parts

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A railroad is a thing of beauty. Steel and wood. In the US, our railroads get a bad rap for being out of date, but if railroads falling apart leads to beautiful ping pong tables like this one from Railyard Studios, then it might not be the end of the world…

railroad table tennis

railroad ping pong table

The steel rails under the table’s play surface were actually manufactured back in 1904, over 110 years ago, but will now spend their retirement supporting quite a bit less weight than a locomotive chugging by.

Even the table’s wooden legs, made from oak and hickory timbers, were destined for use on a railway but were salvaged before being coated with creosote so they still have a lovely natural woodgrain finish.

So if you’ve ever wanted New York’s Highline Park in ping pong form in your living room, you can have this for…$13,995?!?! Hold on, are we trying to rebuild all the railroads in America by selling these tables? Yes, this table is gorgeous, one of the coolest we’ve ever seen, but holy PING PONG, Batman.

That said, we have to commend them for including shipping, unlike some other very expensive tables we’ve seen. And no, this one is not the most expensive ever.

Via Toyland

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US Open 2015: Ping Pong Roundup

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We’re heading into Labor Day Weekend, which means it’s the first weekend of the 2015 US Open and a perfect time to talk about all the ping pong news surrounding our favorite event for that OTHER racket sport…tennis.

Over the years, we’ve seen some awesome ping pong tie-ins with the US Open including celebrity tournaments, tennis players hopping on the table, and cool displays at the event, and this year is no exception.

1) SPiN hosts a US Open kickoff event featuring US Open players

SPiN has hosted an Open kickoff event a couple times, but we’ve never seen one where Gael Monfils ends up dancing

2) Thanks to instagram follower @bhwalis, we caught this outdoor table at the New York Palace Hotel in celebration of the US Open (and hosted some incrediblt tennis players)

3) A Wall Street Journal writer took on Rafa Nadal at table tennis

We’ll keep you updated here as well as on facebook and twitter with more updates.

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Ping Pong Around Maine

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It may be September, but outdoor ping pong doesn’t stop with the end of August. Check out this awesome video from The Maine Film Guys that shows table tennis throughout the state. Colby, from the group explained, “It is titled Ping Pong Around The State of Maine. The last month we have traveled across the state to seven locations filming with a ping pong table.” Enjoy (and send us pics and vids of you playing at home)!

Also, Maine apparently has a lot of odd statues.

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Health Benefits of Table Tennis Infographic

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We’ve spoken a lot about the health benefits of table tennis–for the body, the brain, and more–and now you can see it all in one giant, glorious, infographic. Read it quickly, then go play because those calories aren’t going to burn themselves.

Health benefits of ping pong

Health benefits of table tennis

Via Home Leisure Direct

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Weekly Recap (Friday August 21, 2015)

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Thanks for another awesome week of table tennis. Only way to end it is with the WEEKLY RECAP.

Have a great weekend. Make sure you create your own ping pong paddle.

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Viral Table Tennis: Treadmill Ping Pong

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Who says table tennis doesn’t burn enough calories? Table tennis can burn a few hundred calories per hour, but what if you’re running on a treadmill the whole time? We’re not scientists, but the answer is definitely a lot more. Plus, playing while running on a treadmill means you don’t have to worry about your footwork…as long as your opponent always hits the ball straight to you and you remember that falling can result in serious injuries.

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Liquid Nitrogen Ping Pong Ball Explosion

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We hesitate to say it’s almost Back to School season, so let’s just say it’s almost back to “do dumb things on college campuses” season, and what better way to say that than with a 1600 ping pong ball liquid nitrogen explosion from Plymouth University in the UK. We’ve seen liquid nitrogen and ping pong balls hang out together before, but let’s be real…this NEVER gets old.

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