Andy Murray May Use Table Tennis Celebration at US Open

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Yesterday was the start of the US Open and one of the many ping pong playing tennis players, Andy Murray, may be bringing some table tennis flare to the hard court.

Murray tweeted a video of 9-time Scottish table tennis champion Gavin Rumgay celebrating at the Commonwealth Games in which Rumgay hiked up his shorts to celebrate his victory over Canada.

Murray tweeted, “this is how an old tennis friend who me and my brother used to practice with celebrates..might try it at us open.”

Murray went even further to show his friend some love:

The UK No 1 also shared a song written by Keith Meisner, called “Do The Rumgay”, which aims to raise money to help Rumgay host table tennis camps for children in his home town and inspire a new generation of Scottish players.

Rumgay, who is originally from Perth, told The Courier he was “intrigued” to see if his old friend would actually pull off the unique move.

He said: “I know the Murray brothers very well and it’s great that Andy is hopefully going to do the celebration if he wins the US Open.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing because I wanted to do something a bit different in front of the home crowd.

“It was a bit crazy at the time but the audience seemed to appreciate that.”

Murray is no stranger to table tennis and after escaping a tough match on day one of the Open, we’re excited to see what happens with the celebration (as well as what some of the other ping pong lovers do).

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