MLBer Hunter Pence Builds Confidence With Ping Pong

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By: Rolyne Joseph

California is the state for ping pong, at least when it comes to Major League Baseball. After yesterday’s story about the Los Angeles Dodgers, comes the story Hunter Pence an outfielder for the World Champion San Francisco Giants, built confidence through table tennis that helped him overcome his intense workout regimen. Pence had two personal trainers that helped him with his intense aerobic training.

We’ve covered Pence’s ping pong love before, but we’ve never had this much detail.

“[Ping pong] works your fast-twitch muscles.” Pence said in an interview:

“Sounds crazy, right?” said Pence, his eyes intense as always. “It works your fast-twitch muscles. You react. I just got a bunch of different friends and we didn’t play games. It was just rallies, as hard and as long as we could.”

Pence’s brother, Howie, mentioned something to him a few months ago: The more ping-pong he played in the winter, the better his seasons turned out to be. While not the most scientific observation in the world, it struck a chord with Pence.

Pence considers ping pong an important exercise for his offseason routine. Pence suggested that ping-pong helped him workout his muscles and other parts of his body. Pence insisted that the more he played ping-pong over the winter, the better his MLB seasons.

Table tennis is helping baseball players hit better, so to every ball player out there, it’s time to find a train with a new kind of bat.

Via Larry Brown Sports, USA Today, and CSN Bay Area

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