Serena Williams Plays Ping Pong Against Henrik Lundqvist, Brett Gardner, and Iman Shumpert

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Today in Madison Square Park, Delta held the first Delta Open–a mini ping pong tournament where Serena Williams faced off in ping pong against some of New York’s finest athletes in honor of the US Open which starts soon. Williams took on New York Rangers superstar goalie Henrik Lundqvist, New York Knicks stopper Iman Shumpert, New York Yankees speedster Brett Gardner, and, because apparently Delta has an awesome sense of humor, Mrs. Met (actually the Mets had a day game today, but it’s much funnier to imagine Mrs. Met being the only Met worth having–even over Mr. Met apparently).

The tables were available for play, there was a giant version of ping pong, and Serena even played against a social media contest winner. The group even tried some doubles. But none of those things are important. Here’s a list of what we learned today:

1) Serena Williams will change the score as she plays to make sure she wins
2) If you’re holding a promotional ping pong event, you should not buy the cheapest ping pong balls you can find
3) Henrik Lundqvist always looks awesome
4) Brett Gardner sweats more than anyone
5) Serena Williams can make anyone look good at ping pong
6) A working microphone is essential for wrangling a crowd
7) Today was probably the first time Iman Shumpert ever played ping pong
8) Serena Williams will lose to Mrs. Met because why not
9) The crowd cheered loudest for Henrik, then Serena, then Iman, then Brett (we won’t say where Mrs. Met fell, but it wasn’t good for at least 2 people on this list)
10) Serena Williams is stronger than Henrik Lundqvist, Iman Shumpert, and Brett Gardner–possibly combined
11) It’s still really hot outside

Check out some pictures and videos of the event below, and make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can keep up with these events as they happen.

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