Tampa Bay Rays Start Ping Pong Spring Training

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The Tampa Bay Rays are the latest team to take advantage of baseball’s new spring training technique: ping pong.

In the past we’ve said ping pong is a great predictor of sports success, and it looks like our advice is taking off. Much like how on base percentage, defensive efficiency, and pitch count management became important parts of every team’s strategy, team ping pong is taking off.

wil myers david dejesus ping pong tampa bay rays

In the picture Wil Myers and David DeJesus of the Tampa Bay Rays are facing off, but we’ve heard that Myers has been doing A LOT of talking about his ping pong skills. We also hear Evan Longoria beat him shortly after this.

The AL East has always been one of the baseball’s most table tennis prone divisions (which makes sense given how competitive the division is). In terms of ping pong, it will be tough for the Rays to catch the Baltimore Orioles in terms of ping pong dedication (in their own division), but the Rays organization does have a history of prioritizing table tennis, so this could just represent a return to form for the up and down club (their last big pong season was 2011 when the team made the playoffs and their manager won Manager of the year).

Opening day is less than 3 weeks away, so all the non-table tennis playing teams better get it together quickly if they want a shot this year.

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