The Table Tennis Future for Tim Tebow

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Peyton Manning is signing with the Denver Broncos after a year off from football with multiple neck injuries and a release by the Indianapolis Colts. Tim Tebow, Denver’s former starting QB, borderline superhero, and ping pong master looks like he is going to be traded to another NFL franchise.

By far the best ping pong situation he can go to is in New England with the Patriots.

Sure Tebow would not be the starting quarterback there, but Bill Belichick has all sorts of weird packages he could use Tebow in and we’re sure “The Hoodie” could teach Tebow a thing or two (not to mention Josh McDaniels–Tebow’s former coach in Denver and the man who drafted Tebow–works for the Patriots), so it wouldn’t be a total loss even though Tebow might see it as a step backwards.

(And before anyone suggests the Jets, let us be the first to tell you, you’re you of your mind. From a football or table tennis standpoint, Tebow’s presence would totally throw Mark Sanchez off his game and make him too concerned to succeed while looking over his shoulder at Tebow and listening to the notoriously angry Jets fans chant “Tebow, Tebow” after every incompletion.) Update 12:59 Wednesday March 21: That’s cool too, Jets, just don’t listen to us.

Football implications aside, we already know Tebow kills it on the ping pong table and we’ve heard about Tebow’s crazy table tennis competitiveness. But you know who else we heard gets insane when it comes to ping pong? Tom Brady.

Put Tebow and Brady in a locker room together and let the table tennis sparks fly. Bring back Welker and Branch and just go for it with QB-WR doubles. Maybe Ron Gronkowski can play. Who cares.

Please, Tim Tebow (and agents, pastors, etc) and New England Patriots front office people, make this ping pong dream come true…

And send us the video, por favor.

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