US Open 2015: Ping Pong Roundup

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We’re heading into Labor Day Weekend, which means it’s the first weekend of the 2015 US Open and a perfect time to talk about all the ping pong news surrounding our favorite event for that OTHER racket sport…tennis.

Over the years, we’ve seen some awesome ping pong tie-ins with the US Open including celebrity tournaments, tennis players hopping on the table, and cool displays at the event, and this year is no exception.

1) SPiN hosts a US Open kickoff event featuring US Open players

SPiN has hosted an Open kickoff event a couple times, but we’ve never seen one where Gael Monfils ends up dancing

2) Thanks to instagram follower @bhwalis, we caught this outdoor table at the New York Palace Hotel in celebration of the US Open (and hosted some incrediblt tennis players)

3) A Wall Street Journal writer took on Rafa Nadal at table tennis

We’ll keep you updated here as well as on facebook and twitter with more updates.

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