3D Printed Ping Pong Table and Paddles and Balls

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We love finding cool new ways to design table tennis equipment (see: PaddleYou as well as awesome new tables, and cool new tech, so we were very excited to find this 3D printed ping pong table and paddle set from Janne Kyttanen, the creative director of 3D systems. Plus 3D printed balls.

3d printed ping pong paddles and ball

In case you haven’t heard, 3D printing basically allows small batch manufacturing by uploading a computer design to a machine that can create 3D shapes and objects using tiny layers of plastic. The bigger the object, the more layers of plastic. 3D printing is going to be a big part of the changing manufacturing landscape. People are printing things as simple as cell phone cases to complicated items like car parts and even houses.

3d printed ping pong table

The moral of the story is 3D printing is pretty cool, but a 3D printed ping pong tables and paddles are awesome, plus we’re totally floored that she was able to print a playable ball. Clearly, Janne Kyttanen knows what really matters:

I decided to combine my two great passions by creating a design which completely reinvents the sport of ping pong, facilitating outdoor play. the faceted paddles, like stealth fighters, enable the player to execute trick shots while the custom ping pong balls fly through the air, unaffected by wind.

Kyattanen also mentioned the appeal of combining art and sports and how that led to the “deceptor” paddles, table, and ball:

there are two aspects of my life that I can’t function without – sport and art. through my pursuit of these disciplines I have learned that physical and artistic boundaries are non-existent. I was an established, professional squash player when I began my studies, ranking 49 in the world in the year 2000. My peers maintained that it would be impossible for me to mix sport with art. Rising to the challenge, I applied the discipline of a professional sportsman to honing my skills as an artist.

If you’re going to be in Rotterdam in the Netherlands between now and April 20, you can check out the show at Galerie VIVID.

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Feeling creative? Design your own ping pong paddle now using PaddleYou!

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