The Month That Was: February

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This was a February for another world: super warm with a leap year. Apparently someone forgot to tell us that February was part of spring and Puxatony Phil is a lying sack of….

Anywho, misplaced animal anger aside, remember to find us on facebook and twitter and tell at least 7 people you know about Table Tennis Nation or you’ll never find true love.

Also we’re now 2-0 against the Mayans. Let’s keep the streak alive in March.

The Brawlers:

  1. We looked at Maybelline’s advertising–past and present–and the ping pong they use to sell products
  2. Snapple’s new Diet Half n’ Half commercial gives you the best ways to settle arguments
  3. The cast of the new TV show “How to Rock” plays table tennis behind the scenes
  4. A tale of George Clooney and his dedication to ping pong
  5. Sneakers inspired by ping pong being pitched on Kickstarter
  6. The world’s biggest table tennis fan is this dog

The Rest of February:

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