SPiN New York Now has a $20,000 Ping Pong Table

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Our friends at SPiN have a penchant for awesome ping pong tables and the center court table at SPiN New York is the holy grail for casual ping pong players. Now, SPiN has a new $20,000 table at center court. Expensive table tennis tables are nothing new, but this one gets some tech for its super crazy ridiculous price tag, instead of just a pretty makeover.

spin ny center court

The table features:

  • 30mm blue thick top, providing an unparalleled evenness and true bounce
  • Push button LED lights inside offering three levels of brightness
  • Permanent fixture
  • Specially made net and post
  • Handmade in Germany
  • A piece of furniture
  • World-class table

The Huffington Post shared this video about the table…

We’ll let you know what we think on facebook, twitter, and google plus once we try it out.

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