A New Generation of Table Tennis

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By: Marty Reisman and the Table Tennis Nation Team

Ping pong is growing up.

For years the sport has lived in basements where matches have only existed between a few friends in quiet settings, but all of that is changing.

In the last year, table tennis has been everywhere from Entourage and GQ to the Martha Stewart show and OK! Magazine. The sport has walked up the basement stairs and into the living room, thanks to clubs like SPiN and celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Judah Friedlander. Now Table Tennis Nation wants to bring it out to the bars every night.

Table Tennis Nation is turning ping pong into a team game where two teams of 3 go head to head in a Brawl™, where the winner of the point stays on the table and the other person grabs a drink and laughs with the other players.

The Table Tennis Nation paddle has been engineered for longer, more exciting rallies that will benefit beginners and experts. This paddle is the best way to play a Brawl™.

In the coming months, Table Tennis Nation membership will allow players to grab their friends, head to bars and clubs around the country and have a ton of fun playing the most social form of ping pong ever with a grand prize of $10,000 for the winning team at the end of the year.

Our membership standings won’t completely rely on winning since there is much more to the ping pong lifestyle. Table Tennis Nation’s website will feature an online community where joining the conversation, posting pictures, and participating in events will help players climb the leaderboard and move closer to the grand prize while meeting new people around the country: rewards for the social networking you do everyday.

Table Tennis Nation is becoming the center of the ping pong lifestyle, so get your friends, order some paddles, and join the Nation.

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