California Governor Jerry Brown Brings Ping Pong to State Government

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By: Sarah Caze

Politicians love ping pong. Politicians have used the sport to manage protests, determine term lengths, settle international conflicts, make new friends, and talk to Justin Bieber. We even used it to predict an election. Now, California Governor Jerry Brown seems to have gotten with the program too.

In fact, it has been reported that California’s Governor placed a ping pong table at his predecessor’s old favorite spot, converting it into an open air ping pong area. During Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration, the area was covered by a tent and used for smoking cigars. The swap was apparently very much welcomed by the employees as they were recently seen celebrating a birthday while enjoying the game under the sun. The table has been around for a year and 1/2 now but it wasn’t really used. It appears however that its new location is attracting more players.

Jerry Brown is among those following the trend of California-based companies like Google, Facebook, Myspace, and more (including the rest of Silicon Valley), who have all integrated table tennis into their company’s culture (not to mention former San Francisco mayor Ed Lee).

Who can blame him? Not only is Ping Pong the hottest thing right now, but it is also used to promote creativity, fun and a friendly competitive environment in the workplace. Way to go Mr. Brown!

Via Sacramento Bee

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