Clooney and Obama Hosting a Fundraising Dinner Plus a Ping Pong Challenge

Posted on by TableTennisNation

George Clooney is hosting a $40,000 a plate dinner for Barack Obama at Clooney’s home (DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is co-hosting as well). The Obama campaign expects about 150 people to “donate” to go. There is also a contest to “win” an invite by donating any amount (or you can just enter for free here) in addition to a flight to LA, hotel accommodations, transportation within LA, and a seat at the table with the POTUS and George Clooney.

Obama and Clooney are both big time ping pong players, so we highly recommend that a reader win this drawing, email us about winning (or buy a ticket–but that seems excessive), receive a bunch of cool TTN stuff to bring with you to LA (bonus points if you bring a mini table to Clooney’s house, free ping pong for life if you get Obama and Clooney to play table tennis with you), and share your story with us (and the world). In closing, find a way to win this and we’ll try to help make the trip even cooler.

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