How About a $45,000 Ping Pong Table?

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Designer Tom Burr has created a Limited Edition $45,000 ping pong table for Neiman Marcus. The table, which appears in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue, is made of rubber and is Burr’s attempt to make a ping pong table modern art.

Burr said of the design, “I like the notion of rubber. It has low-key glamour, like that of a sports car’s bumpers and guards. And, quite simply, rubber makes the balls bounce—more bounce for your buck.” But let’s be honest, a rubber ping pong table, this is a total tossup in terms of game play, but you’re not buying a $45,000 ping pong table because it plays well.

There are only 10 tables in the world and $2,500 of each table will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, which I guess makes the price tag ever so slightly more agreeable.

This takes tables to a new level, but I guess if your ultimate ping pong apartment or business is looking for a table, this could be the answer.

No word on whether or not delivery is included.

You can order the table on Neiman Marcus’ website where they also have an interview with Burr.

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