How Olympians Cheat

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By: David Johnson

Ping-Pong players have created their own form of “doping” (using illegal substances to cheat in the Olympics) to help give an unfair advantage in the Olympics. And it has less to do with steroids than you might think.

By adding speed glue to the rubber on their rackets, it gives the player an easier chances to hit harder, faster, and make difficult curves, an issue that Table Tennis Nation President Marty Reisman touched on in his recent editorial.

While officials believe this is cheating, some players think it is not because it does not enhance their body in any way. But it has been proven that using speed glue on rackets cause health effects later on in the player’s life. The main idea is that while pong can be played at the recreational level, some play professionally, and like any other professional sport, cheating is not allowed. It is only fair to attempt to eliminate it from the game.

P.S. Do not sniff glue!

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