Is Teleporting Allowed in Table Tennis?

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Today we’ve come across the greatest Yahoo! Answers question of all time, “Is teleportation allowed in table tennis or ping pong?”

Now the poster is nice enough to qualify saying, “What if the opponent hits it really far back and I can’t reach it and so I decided to shift/teleport into that location that I couldn’t quickly reach and then return the ball? So is teleportation allowed?”

As the same website that brought you Harry Potter Ping Pong Week, and the leader in social ping pong, we feel uniquely qualified to answer.

We’ve perused the rules of all major table tennis organizations (US, international, and our own), we’ve consulted owners of table tennis clubs and bars, and no one has ever seen a rule preventing teleportation. Now, that’s not to say it won’t be outlawed, but today we’re happy to be the first to explicitly permit it.

All Table Tennis Nation events in the future will allow teleportation (the Brawl rules now include this). This has to be real genuine teleportation, and the only restriction is that your teleportation device of choice cannot block any of the playing area. If you have a teleportation device on your body, that’s fine, but you are responsible for keeping your teleporter out of play, or you’ll lose a point if it interferes.

We’d be remiss to not include some of the dangers of teleporting, so please watch the video below to understand the risks and remember, ALWAYS TELEPORT SAFELY.

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