Jan-Ove Waldner is the First Living Foreigner on a Stamp in China

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Table tennis matters in China. It really, really matters. Table tennis also has a nice history of being the gateway for China to the rest of the world (see: ping pong diplomacy), and now table tennis has helped make more history.

Swede Jan-Ove Waldner has become the first foreigner on a stamp in China, and due to table tennis’ popularity, he’s one of the most famous foreign athletes in China. The honor history wasn’t lost on the gold medal winner and World Champion who told a news outlet in his native Sweden, “There is an enormous demand for the stamps. They’ve already sold three million and they have 13 million more to sell. This is huge, it doesn’t get much bigger than this in China. It’s an honour to be on a stamp.”

waldner stamp

Inside China, Waldner is apparently known as “The Evergreen Tree or Old Wa.”

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