JCPenney Ping Pong Commercial

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JCPenney is in the midst of a huge brand overhaul. After hiring Apple’s former retail chief, Ron Johnson, as it’s CEO, JCPenney is moving away from the direct mail and coupon days that helped grow them into a giant by cutting prices around the store by a permanent minimum of 40%, and offering daily and monthly deals.

They’re also changing the looks of their stores and logo (seen above), and have upped their advertising game. This started a couple months back when Ellen DeGeneres (an avowed table tennis fanatic) became a brand partner and started popping up in pretty funny commercials, and now we’ve got their March commercial which has pretty much run non-stop.

We love the girl at the 11 second mark’s enthusiasm and ingenuity (and her ping pong skills). Between Ellen and the Rockin’ Robbin commercial, it sounds like someone at JCPenney (or their advertising firm) has the ping pong bug.

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Some info via Direct Marketing News and ABDI

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