New Yorker Cover Features Ping Pong

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The July 29 edition of The New Yorker featured two people playing ping pong. The New Yorker is world renowned for (in addition to its articles and cartoons) its artful covers, and it’s awesome to see ping pong get some love in “Natural Frame” by Lorenzo Mattotti.

Regarding the artist, Lorenzo Mattotti, and his process for designing this beautiful cover, the New Yorker writes:

The Paris-based artist Lorenzo Mattotti was on vacation in Argentina with his family when he was struck with the beauty of the scene. “My children, Ambra and Simone, were playing ping-pong on a large covered terrace,” he remembers. “I saw the garden behind them framed by the portico, with the shade of the terrace making a natural frame for the lit garden. Aesthetically, it was so striking that I grabbed a sketchbook. It happens to me from time to time—something I see inspires a theme I then want to develop in paintings. I could do a whole series of this scene, with the table just the length of the lit window.”

You can check out more of the issue here (New Yorker subscription required).

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