Obama Receives Ping Pong Table From Cameron

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Lost in the madness that was the Greg Smith story yesterday (among things like our Pi Day Coverage), was a new story about our favorite ping pong odd couple: US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron and Obama exchanged gifts at the White House yesterday. The Obamas gave the Camerons a grill, some crystal vase and some bean bag chairs for the Cameron children. Yawn.

The Camerons on the other hand, stepped up. Scarves, books, and a Dunlop table tennis table and some paddles featuring the flags of the US and the UK. That’s pretty awesome.

If you remember back to last May, Obama and Cameron played table tennis and Marty Reisman used the way the two heads of state played to analyze their personalities.

Dunlop is a British company so the choice was obvious for Cameron, and as the Wall Street Journal notes, a fitting gift with the summer Olympic games in London only a few months away.

President Obama, the offer still stands, Marty Reisman is happy to come down and give the whole family lessons at your convenience.

The quote of the day goes to Obama though, who was asked about going to the Western Kentucky vs. Mississippi Valley State NCAA play-in game with Cameron.

“During my visit to London last year, David arranged for us to play some local students (in) table tennis,” Obama said. “As they would say in Britain, we got thrashed. So when it came to sports on this visit, I thought it would be better if we just watched.”

That’s being a good loser (even though Obama was the clear winner) and definitely lines up with Marty Reisman’s breakdown of Obama being a good sport.

Via Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Telegraph

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