The Official Table Tennis Nation Halloween Costume Guide 2014

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Trick or treat! It’s time for the annual Table Tennis Nation Halloween guide (and 2014’s is THE BIGGEST EDITION EVER).

Like all holidays (and just days), Halloween is better with table tennis and while you can decorate with ping pong and party with ping pong, nothing is a better way to show your love for Halloween than with a great table tennis costume.

Below are 2014’s BEST table tennis costumes, but if you’re interested in a throwback (some of which are relevant still) you can check out past guides to dress as Prince, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Jenner, Lena Dunham, Serena Williams, Troy Polamalulu, Kate Upton, Justin Bieber, Forest Gump, Susan Sarandon, Marty Reisman, and more (2011, 2012, 2013).

Option 1: Katy Perry
A ping pong lover who put really cool ping pong into one of her catchiest songs in a while

Katy Perry ping pong costume Halloween

What you’ll need
Blue hair
White skirt
High socks
Bubbly personality

PaddleYou paddle to bring: California Girl

katy perry

Option 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger
The man whose ping pong commercial launched a tournament to find the best ping pong playing version of him.

arnold schwarzenegger ping pong bud light

What you’ll need:
Muscles (or a fake, padded, body suit)
Austrian accent
Given the number of parts he’s played, you can thrown on pretty much anything else at this point and say you’re Arnold

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Ping Pong AHHHHnold


Option 3: World Cup Soccer Player
This year’s World Cup was full of ping pong. Soccer players from all over the world united over the world’s most played sport: table tennis.

world cup soccer ping pong

What you’ll need:
Soccer jersey
Soccer ball
National pride
A flag
Great hair
Willingness to be embarrassed

PaddleYou paddle to bring: The World Cup Trophy or your country’s flag on a paddle

world cup trophy ping pong rio us flag ping pong paddle

Option 4: The kids of Ping Pong Summer
A great group costume celebrating this summer’s 80’s teen flick (plus the stars trained with our paddles)

ping pong summer halloween ping pong summer halloween 2

What you’ll need:
BIG hair
Throwback clothing

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Ummmm….

PaddleYou Ping Pong Summer Challenge

Option 5: Double turtleneck pong
Jimmy Fallon has been featured before, but Double turtleneck pong (which Fallon played with the likes of Jessica Alba and Shailene Woodley) is a great friends or couples costume (if you think you can spend the whole night attached)

jimmy fallon jessica alba ping pong double turtleneck pon shailene woodley

What you’ll need:
A giant turtleneck
A partner in crime

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Matching Fallons

jimmy fallon jimmy fallon

Option 6: Stars of True Detective, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson
The stars of the year’s biggest show became friends over table tennis

true detective ping pong

What you’ll need:
Great immitation skills

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Blood Splatter

blood splatter ping pong true detective

Option 7: Quicksilver from X-Men
Every list needs a superhero (Arnold probably doesn’t count), and a ping pong playing X-Men is a great option

x men ping pong by yourself quicksilver ping pong

What you’ll neeed:
Silver hair
Skintight body suit
Super speed

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Patrick Stewart

patrick stewart ping pong

Option 8: Godzilla
Yes, the radioactive monster

Godzilla Ping Pong

What you’ll need:
Godzilla costume (sorry, there’s really no way around this part)
Snickers bar

PaddleYou paddle to bring: Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo skyline ping pong

Option 9: Paddle Masks
Use PaddleYou to design any mask you can dream of. Take your costume to the next level by actually looking like who you’re dressing as. Give it a shot and throw your best selfie (or favorite celeb headshot) on a paddle right here:

Option 10: LAST SECOND
You’re totally out of time so you can either stick ping pong balls in your eyes and look like you have googly eyes, cover yourself in ping pong balls and be a piece of popcorn, design hundreds of little ping pong ball monsters and claim you’re doing the Monster Mash (or you’re Lady Gaga) or just get a giant white or yellow circle and claim to BE a ping pong ball. JUST USE PING PONG.

We’re sure you’ll have a great Halloween. Share your best ping pong Halloween costumes with us on facebook, twitter, and instagram and we’ll show them to the table tennis world.

If you want to design your own paddle to go with your costume, you can do so right here (AND if you use the code BRSTCANCER you’ll get a discount and help us make a donation to breast cancer research and prevention).

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