Pi Day 2012

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If a story about an investment banker (and our update) didn’t get your mathematical juices flowing, how about this: it’s Pi Day.

For those of you who have forgotten the best day of your middles school math teacher’s year, there’s a refresher on Pi here.

For those of you that remember the significance of pi or sat through that video let’s take a look at why pi matters for table tennis:

  • Table tennis is also called ping pong. OMG Πng pong
  • PIng pong is played with a ball, and as we know everything about a sphere relies on a circle which relies on, yup, pi
  • Wanna know the volume of a ping pong ball? The volume of sphere = (4/3)*pi*r3 where r is the radius. The diameter of a ping pong ball is 40 mm or 1.5478 in, the radius is 20 mm. r3 is 8000 mm3 The volume is 33510 mm3 or or 33.51 cc or 2.045 in3. -Via Answers.com
  • SPiN isn’t even hiding the Π in their name, they even make the i lowercase so you can find it more easily
  • Marty Reisman’s fedora? Round

You can’t escape it. Pi is a huge part of PIng pong. Go buy a pizza PI;, a blueberry PI;, a PInt of ice cream, pull a Scrooge McDuck and dive into a PIle of money….ahhh forget it, you just really came here looking for a video about pi day to the tune of the official Table Tennis Nation anthem Friday. Cause it’s pi day, pi day, pi day….

Can you imagine how crazy Pi Day is going to be in 2015 when the date is 3/14/15?

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