Ping Pong Ball Turkey

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We’re keeping the Thanksgiving spirit alive with another DIY craft that’s perfect for kids…ping pong ball turkeys.

Sure, we all learned how to make turkeys with our hands when we were little, but few have mastered the art of changing the ping pong ball. This is slightly more involved than the ping pong ball jack-o-lanterns, and significantly easier than the Death Star ping pong balls. Either way this is the perfect Thanksgiving activity for kids and parents, and who knows, at the end of the day, maybe you’ll actually play ping pong with a turkey.

ping pong turkey

Via Small World Land:

Ping pong ball
Wool roving in a turkey color like medium or dark brown
Tacky glue (Elmer’s will not stick to the plastic.)
Red yarn or embroidery floss
Tiny yellow felt triangles for the beak
Beads for eyes
Red scrap of fabric or felt for the wattle
Circle of felt to cover bottom (optional)

Cover the ping pong ball with pieces of wool roving. Do this by applying glue to small areas and attaching the wool, then moving around the ball until it is all covered.
After the wool and glue dry you will want to fill in some gaps with additional roving.
Now you need to make the head and neck.
Form a ball and stem (the neck) out of roving and glue. Wrap red yarn around the neck to hold it together.
Glue on a little piece of red felt for the wattle and the yellow felt beak pieces.
Glue the bead eyes on. These are so tiny I use superglue so that it will not show.
When everything on the turkey head is dry, attach it to the body using tacky glue. Hold it or prop it up while it dries.
Attach some feathers to the back of your turkey I used one each of white, brown and black. You may prefer to use feathers that are already multicolored.
Finally, I added a circle of purple felt-covered cardboard to the bottom of my turkey to make it look more finished and to help it stand up nicely.

Head over to Small World Land to see step by step photos and if you end up making some ping pong turkeys, send us pictures on facebook, twitter, instagram, or google plus!

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