Pippa Middleton Challenges Boris Johnson to Table Tennis

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While Princess Kate Middleton showed off her ping pong skills before she got topless, then pregnant, sister Pippa has not been seen on a ping pong table. That could all be changing as today she challenged London Mayor Boris Johnson in ping pong (or wiff-waff/whiff-whaff as they sometimes call it in the UK.

Pippa, blogging for The Spectator, called out Johnson in an article about her cross country skiing hobby:

Back home in London after my Alpine challenges, I can now pursue less demanding hobbies in my spare time, such as ping-pong. I’m informed that Boris Johnson, former editor of this magazine, wants to be ‘whiff-whaff’ world king even more than he wants to be Prime Minister. I’m also told the Johnsons are almost as competitive as the Middletons. So I’d like to lay down a challenge to the Mayor…Bring it on, Boris.


Word is that Pippa practiced in the Hamptons with some of our friends from SPiN, but we don’t know where her game is at this point, however she has played at a national level before (over 15 years ago). Boris’ game is a little more unknown, but he’s definitely a competitive guy.

Even better: Boris accepted. Johnson went to twitter and said, “I’m game if she is. Happy for Pippa to join me on a visit and see the benefits of our £22m Sports Legacy Fund in action.”

The editor of The Spectator has even agreed to host:

After Mr Johnson accepted the challenge, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson said: “We’ll get a ping pong table set up in the Spectator’s garden.”

And he warned the Mayor: “She’s quite serious. And sporty.”

Now we’re talking.

We’ll keep you updated on all things Pippa-Boris related and if (when) the match actually happens, you know Table Tennis Nation will be leading the coverage.

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