Putting the Tennis in Table Tennis: Why Tennis Players Should Work on Ping Pong

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Winners of the Black Friday Brawl, “The Machine” (Adriano, Jeff and Steve)

Tennis players, don’t hibernate, play ping pong.

Why not tennis?
Tennis is a warm weather sport. You start playing in late March, and with a warm day or two, you can play into November. While a four month (at best) layoff may not seem bad, it is enough time for your skills to start slipping. Sure you could rent an indoor court for an hour, but that can run you a few hundred dollars an hour. A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be getting too much practice in.

Why table tennis?
Table tennis can help keep you fit and your strokes fundamentally sound. In the past people have felt that ping pong will mess up your tennis strokes, and with some paddles this may be the case, but not the Table Tennis Nation paddles. While sponge and rubber paddles require shots that are “all-wrist,” Table Tennis Nation paddles rely on full strokes. Your tennis forehand? Still works with a Table Tennis Nation paddle. Your backhand? Same thing. Your strategy? Since Table Tennis Nation paddles create long rallies, points feel more like tennis than short ping pong points. You can have rallies that have you running all over the place and unless you’re a pro tennis player, people are going to return your serve just about the same way they do in tennis. If someone hits a really hard shot, you can block it back the same way you would on a court. Half-volleys, drop shots, slams? They’re all there and they’re all the same.

What are 2 fun table tennis stories about tennis players?
1) Rafael Nadal’s uncle was a table tennis champ and modeled Nadal’s backhand on a ping pong backhand. Also, a few years ago, Nadal was playing tennis with that same uncle who kept harassing Rafa by telling him Federer was much better than him and he’d never beat him. Nadal is currently #1 in the world.
2) Bobby Riggs appeared on an episode of The Odd Couple to play Felix and Oscar 2 on 1 in ping pong while distracting him with Billy Jean King masks. King shows up at the end of the episode and beats Riggs. Again.

Why are we bringing this up?
Last week we had the Black Friday Brawl at SPiN and the tournament was won by tennis players. What’s more is they beat players who are just ping pong players. The tennis guys picked up the Table Tennis Nation paddles and once they realized it was just a smaller tennis racket, they started doing amazing things. They didn’t lose a game the entire time.

If you are a tennis player and you don’t want to give up on your sport for a few months, or you’re looking for something new and fun, table tennis is the answer.

Keep your tennis game up with Table Tennis Nation paddles available here.

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One Response to Putting the Tennis in Table Tennis: Why Tennis Players Should Work on Ping Pong

  1. jeff brandes says:

    I was one of the tennis players on that black friday brawl team and this article is spot on, the paddles made the game so much fun and the format has the perfect balance of just enough rotation so it’s a team but not too much down time.