Roger Federer Wants to Play Ping Pong Against LeBron James

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Tennis superstar Roger Federer must be an NBA fan. With basketball tipping off last night, Federer mentioned in a tweet that he’d like to play ping pong against LeBron James.

roger federer ping pong lebron james

Table tennis comes easy to tennis players and ping pong is the basis for a lot of NBA friendships, so this matchup of megastars seems like a match made in heaven.

The smart money would obviously be on Federer, but if you gave LeBron enough time, we’re sure he’d come out in a Michael Jordan-esque ping pong flurry (though maybe a little tutoring by Christian Laettner could help.

The comments came as part of a twitter Q&A that Federer hosted that included a skiing challenge by Lindsey Vonn (the girlfriend of Federer’s buddy, Tiger Woods, and a Gold Medal skiier), which Federer calmly brushed off by noting that he is Swiss.

Longtime Federer rival, and known ping pong player, Rafa Nadal, had no comment.

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