The Table Tennis Nation Paddle and the World Championship of Ping Pong

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The World Championship of Ping Pong was held this past weekend in England. The made for TV table tennis event featured some of the best and most interesting players in the world, and was planned by a sister company and partner of Table Tennis Nation. The tournament was perhaps the biggest table tennis event of 2013 and the ratings of the event in the UK were 3-4 times higher than expected: clearly people love table tennis and want more of it.

Unlike many top events the World Championship of Ping Pong required all players to use the same paddle–an old version of the Table Tennis Nation paddle–and a modified version of the Brawl rules.

The paddle and the 2-point ball that are utilized by the event was invented by the TTN team (the paddle that the WCPP uses was an earlier iteration of the world renowned Table Tennis Nation paddle that was designed by Marty Reisman). The event itself was the sequel to a Las Vegas event that took place about 2 years ago and was in part designed by Table Tennis Nation.

So why does the WCPP rely on the sandpaper TTN-style paddle?

For the same reasons we thing you should use it: the rallies are longer, the points are more interesting, and the paddles level the playing field. So far everyone who has seen the event (or been to a TTN event) agrees: the action is better to watch.

Marty Reisman liked to say that table tennis with sponge (or soft rubber) paddles was a game of “fraud and deception” and he invented the Table Tennis Nation paddle (that the WCPP paddle is based off of) to make the game a conversation between players, equally accessible to the pros and the players just looking to have fun.

As event organizer Barry Hearn said, “I’m not a fan of sponge bats and I’m not a fan of spin. The game thirty years ago was bigger when it was hard bat and people were watching extended athletic rallies that were more televisual. Today’s modern table tennis frankly doesn’t fit television. It’s too up close and personal, you don’t get enough rallies and I think we need to go back to something like this to see if we can create proper sporting atmosphere. I’m fairly critical of modern day table tennis. I don’t think it fits into today’s market but I think this might.”

What’s more is that if you watch competitive table tennis regularly you could spend hundreds of dollars to try and get the same equipment as the pros, but in this case, you can actually order a paddle that’s better than what the pros use, for just $24.99.

The winner of the event was Russia’s Maxim Shmyrev (who actually won the Vegas event 2 years ago). The event was a hit in the UK and the show will be airing around the world.

While this event was a pro event, keep in mind that the benefits of the Table Tennis Nation paddle are even more pronounced for amateur players. It’s the paddle that beats sponge (rubber) and makes you a better player. If you want to join the TTN revolution that pros and basement players around the world are a part of, pick up Table Tennis Nation paddles today.

Some info and pictures via Inside the Games, Matthew Shaw Sports and facebook

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