Weirdest Ping Pong Table Ever (Hint: It Costs Almost $15,000 and looks like Easter Island)

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The holidays are a great time to buy a ping pong table and while most tables vary in price, top thickness, wheels, color, or manufacturer, they rarely vary in shape.

We’ve seen lots of weird tables before, and we’ve seen expensive tables, but we’ve never seen it all come together like this:

What you’re looking at is a $14,800 (plus additional shipping) ping pong table shaped like Easter Island from Anthropologie. Yea. True story.

From Anthropolgie’s website:

Artist Cyprien Chabert is haunted by the idea of lost paradise – forgotten and fantasized about. He recreates these worlds through his work, like this show-stopping table, carved from an erstwhile ping pong table. Chabert was inspired by the Polynesian island of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, and its ¿birdman¿ ritual, an annual event in which competitors would swim through shark-infested waters to a nearby islet to collect the season¿s first eggs of the Sooty Tern and return it to their sponsor on the island. The winner was crowned birdman for one year; the ritual died out in the late 19th century. Chabert uses the exotic symbolism of Easter Island to represent the complex nature of man¿s relationship with nature and the ecological challenges faced by modern societies and cultures.

So if you REALLY LOVE Easter Island and have $14,800 burning a hole in your pocket, an additional $300 for shipping, and 3-4 weeks, you can order one from Anthropologie now.

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