Marty Reisman

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Marty Reisman – Former President

Table Tennis Nation was founded by table tennis legend Marty Reisman, a 23-time international and domestic champion, author, world-class hustler, performer, unmistakable colorful character and unarguably the most charismatic player to ever step onto the court.

Marty became mesmerized with the game at the age of 12 – the kerplock of the ball across the table, the buzzing vibration of each shot up the wrist, the adrenaline, the drama – and has since devoted his life to the game, ultimately becoming one of the greatest table tennis champs to ever live.

Marty has played (and won) against presidents and princes, CEOs and celebrities, sports stars and socialites, musicians and maharajas. He’s toured as the opening act for the Harlem Globetrotters and played in front of crowds of 75,000. His trademark forehand can clock a staggering 115 mph. He holds the title as the oldest person to ever win a national open title in a racket sport, an achievement he has held since 1997 where at the age of 67 he won the US Hardbat National Championship.

Marty passed away in December of 2012, but his spirit and love of ping pong still drives Table Tennis Nation.

Cooper Fallek – President
Cooper is the youngest member of the Table Tennis Nation team, contributing his background in startups as well as experience in sports management to drive Table Tennis Nation’s goals forward. Cooper is the editor of Cooper previously served as Chief Operating Officer.

Tony Ettinger – Director
A serial entrepreneur, Tony has founded six market-leading companies that have generated over $2 billion in profits.

Sir Harold Evans – Key Investor, Consultant
One of the biggest names in the publishing industry, Sir Harold Evans has had a lifelong passion for table tennis and is now lending his experience and connections throughout the media world to grow Table Tennis Nation.

Steve Berger – Head of Product Development
An accomplished table tennis player, Steve has won national titles and matches around the world.